Eyeliner + Pencil Sharpener set


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The bundle includes 1 x Saint Minerals Eyeliner + 1 x Pencil Sharpener


Eyeliner Pencil (1)
Build + blend a perfect smokey eye with our super-smooth, 100% natural, highly-pigmented, high-performance mineral Eye Liner Pencils.
Long-lasting mineral-based formulation.
Waterproof for that budge-proof effect needed for all-day + night.
Available in 3 shades – Black, Slate + Brown.


Saint Minerals Eye Liner Pencil Sharpener (1)

Ensure your Saint Minerals Eye-Liner Pencils are kept in perfect condition + achieve precise lines when applying with our bespoke sharpener.
For the best application results, always keep your pencil sharp.

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pencil sharpener

Eyeliner + Pencil Sharpener set