Saint Minerals Kabuki Brush


Our signature, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, Kabuki Brush is the essential tool for a flawless Loose Mineral Powder application or radiant sun-kissed look. Its conveniently-sized stem, features a large, dome-shaped, perfectly-proportioned, synthetic head which allows you to softly swirl + warm up the loose minerals + gently buff the skin.

Gain maximum control as you buff + build in circular movements across your face, creating your desired level of air-brush quality coverage. Its soft, wide head is ideal for dusting a year-round Summer glow across temples, cheeks, neck + décolletage.

It’s a must-have item in your Saint Minerals kit.

Recommended use for : Loose Mineral Powder, Pressed Powder Foundation, Highlighter and Bronzer

Skin Types: Dry/Dehydrated or Oily/Combination.

For all skin types

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kabuki brush

Saint Minerals Kabuki Brush